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This handy tool spawned from a PROPEL developer needing a quick, easy web interface to a database.

It was so quick and easy that it became a perfect solution for PROPEL's clients to manage their database driven websites - no matter what was required.

Because the interface is intuitive and takes about a minute to set up, you can get your site running straight away without need for expensive customised solutions that may end up becoming redundant.

Even if you think specialized pages will still be required on your site, the Admin Pro is a perfect way to start the prototype so you can define the needs in real time before wasting money on unused ideas.

If you have a online store you can manage your products, prices, photos and orders straight away.

PROPEL's Admin Pro features:
  • Add, edit, delete information in tables and reports.
  • Upload images, multimedia, pdf's, Word documents, Excel (and more) from your PC onto your website.
  • HTML editor gives you freedom to format text and place images inside pages.
  • Data download facility lets you take an Excel snap shot of your tables or reports.
  • Fields can be bound to values in other tables or your predefined format.
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