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It is said that most of the cost involved with software is the maintenance.

Right now you can probably think of a sentence you want changed on your website but know that it will cost you money and trouble just to get the simple change looked at.

No matter how simple the change may be, the trouble and cost could persuade you to leave it flawed. Sure enough, your web site will eventually need to change to be correct and maintain interest and value for your audience.

Maintain content from your a PC anywhere in the world with PROPEL's Content Pro.

This is an easy to use tool that lets you make changes to your website instantly. It is low cost and may even be cheaper than one round of changes that you will pay another person to do...again and again.

If this isn't quite what you are looking for, a customized solution can always be made to suit your needs.

PROPEL's Content Pro will allow you to:
  • Rewrite text utilizing formatting tools for increased aesthetics and readability.
  • Upload images, multimedia, pdf's, Word documents, Excel (and more) from your PC into the website.
  • Undo any mistakes or 'roll back' to a previous stage (even weeks later).
  • Paste in structured content such as tables from MS Word documents or other web pages.
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